Video marketing is perhaps the most valuable engagement resource at an organisation’s disposal today.

Video can be utilised to tell your story, increase awareness, sell the benefits of your cause and increase engagement with your audience.

Video engages with its audience instantly and begins a conversation with the viewer that appeals to the visual and emotive senses and will often spark a call to action.

Publishing and sharing your videos on popular social media platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo instantly places your content on the some of the most frequently visited websites in the world.

Video marketing initiatives also support the organisation in a number of key business areas. For example, video can walk a customer through the benefits of the product or service in much the same way that a member of a sales team could over the phone or face-to-face. In addition, video is also often used to demonstrate and teach customers how to use a product, which can reduce the number of support requests that the organisation will receive from it customer base.

Video enables an organisation to provide both prospective and existing customers with on-demand, easy-to-digest content about its product or services.

Video content can also be introduced into existing marketing strategies and campaigns.

Think of the how video might improve the engagement of your existing email and social media campaigns for example? Perhaps you can now see how video might improve your customer’s online research and purchase experience?

In an era of unprecedented online research and consumption, video content makes its point with much more noise and vigour than the written word.

Is your brand making enough noise in the marketplace?

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