Monthly Archives: April 2016

After much planning and hard work, the Fit Fingers product is now available for purchase at DigitalMark has been critical to this process by developing the website and eCommerce platforms for launch.

Fit Fingers is an innovative product that aims to address a growing phenomenon where children enter their foundation years of kindergarten and school with weak fine motor skills. Among other symptoms, it is believed that overuse of screens and devices such as tablets and smartphones from these digital natives significantly contributes to the issue.

While occupational therapy (OT) is a treatment option for children with weak fine motor skills, it is expensive and is typically only taken up by those with the more severe cases fine motor delay.

Until now there have been very limited options for the majority of children who may not require occupational therapy intervention, but still need assistance with their fine motor development.

At $49.95 AUD + shipping, the team at Fit Fingers believe that every child now has the opportunity to start school and keep up with their peers in learning life long skills such as writing, drawing, cutting, tying shoe laces and dressing themselves.

At DigitalMark we wish the Team at La Petite Store the best of luck in taking the Fit Fingers product to market.