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Ensure that your video content stands out on the world’s busiest video sharing sites.

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Discover how video marketing can help you achieve your peak digital presence!

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DigitalMark enables you to run a smarter, more efficient and highly engaging digital video operation. We work with you to harness online video marketing platforms that empower you to compete, connect and transact to your potential.

We also specialise in enhancing your online video marketing initiatives on YouTube and Vimeo.

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We can assist you with:

YouTube video optimisation

Video marketing strategy

Online video consulting

Vimeo video optimisation

YouTube marketing services by DigitalMark

Video Marketing

Video marketing is currently one of the most engaging tools at a marketer’s disposal. Video instantly engages with its audiences’ visual and emotive senses and starts a conversation. In an era of unprecedented online research and consumption, video content makes its point with much more noise and vigor than the written word. Are you interested in harnessing the power of online video marketing?

Vimeo and YouTube video optimisation services

Video Optimisation

Publishing and sharing video content on social media platforms including YouTube and Vimeo instantly puts you within touching distance of millions of people. If you aren’t optimising your content however it may only be watched by a small few. Ensure that your videos are being found and viewed by the widest possible audience with DigitalMark.

DigitalMark video marketing strategy

Video Strategy

Video can play a significant role in your marketing operations and also with your content marketing strategy. Are you using video to help boost engagement within your email marketing campaigns for example? Or could video be utilised to improve a user’s experience with your website or brand? Why not see how DigitalMark can improve the way you use video and the way you market.